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This Wiki is about "Mage Knight - The Boardgame" released by WizKids written by Vlaada Chvatil

The purpose is to create a knowledgebase that describes at least all the cards. So you can easily check here if you're unsure how to use a specific card.

Any editing and publishing help is welcome!

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Starting Deck

Advanced Action Cards





Tactic Cards

Map tiles

Map features

Enemy Units

Revised Cards in the Expansion Lost Legion

Links to some very useful BGG files/imagesEdit

Enemy tokens

Enemy tokens and Icons (Lost Legion)

Official Rule Book

Official Rule Book Lost Legion

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Wizkids Game Homepage

BGG Game Site

Official Rules FAQ on BGG


All Copyrights for the game stay with WizKids.

This wiki is only the project of some boardgame fans who would like to collect some additional help and information to the game.


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